Steinäckerhof - Inh. Fam. Leroch
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Our farm

Our farm lies off the traffic on a height of 400 meters about NN, with marvellous foresight above our nice fish brook valley.
He is surrounded by many fields, meadows and woods, passed through with romantic ways which invite to restful wanderings and riding tours.

We manage the company with approx. 120 ha of country, 60 milk cows, 60 cattle and little calves, belong further another 3 ponies, 2 horses, the „clever pig Rudy“, Cameroon sheep, 2 rabbits, 2 cats and chickens and a new small cooper Alpine dairyman's dog Lucy. Unfortunately, our dog Cindy has passed away in May, 2010, but we will never forget her.

There is a grill hut, a hut to the celebration with us if the weather is not so nice sometimes, a playground, campfire place, table tennis and a bigvehicle park in child vehicles.

Who not only would like to lie lazy in the sun or play, is able to do with us also some enterprise.

Possibly by the plan carriage and tractor make a nice round trip, with us together or also only on the grill can grill a juicy wheel roast, the cooperation is completely liked also in the stable as for example milk, feed and for the kids it is to be done the most great one the cows by the pasturehome.

Naturally horse riding » stands also on the program, one can ride pony or ride out with the bighorses. Controlled tours are possible for it, but of course one can also go alone, according to demand.

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